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Robert Bradley
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Posted: 18 September 2018 at 9:33am | IP Logged | 1 post reply

There are inkers I would call embellishers - Klaus Janson, Tom Palmer, Kevin Nowlan, Joe Sinnott, Wally Wood, Ernie Chan being examples - and when they're hired, they're hired to do what they do (sometimes over breakdowns).

Austin is much more faithful to the original line, and this style of inker is more likely to be popular with fans of the original artist.

Outside of JB inking his own pencils, if you want his art as "pure" as you can get it, you hire someone like Austin.

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Dave Kopperman
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Posted: 18 September 2018 at 1:57pm | IP Logged | 2 post reply

In his own way, Austin is as heavy handed as Palmer, but he's just the right kind of heavy handed for JB.  Not all JB, mind you - much in the same way you'd want Kirby/Sinnott for FF and Kirby/Coletta for Thor, I don't really see Austin's precise, dense, controlled linework being a fit for JB's FF. 
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Sean Guo Hua
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Posted: 20 September 2018 at 8:14pm | IP Logged | 3 post reply

Love JB's pencil version.
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Tom Donaldson
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Joined: 29 April 2013
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Posted: 21 September 2018 at 3:58pm | IP Logged | 4 post reply

Brian Miller: This is the comic that really made me not like Palmerís inks over JB pencils. Donít like them here and donít like them on XMHY
Nathan Greno: Fully agree 

I have to say I felt that Palmer's inks overpowered JB's work in the Silver Surfer one-shot. But I found them perfectly appropriate in Hidden Years.  I liked that JB was building a visual as well as a textual bridge between the Thomas-Adams stories and Wein-Claremont-Cockrum-Byrne era.  I particularly liked when Joe Sinnott inked the FF elements during their guest appearance. I thought it was really creative effort to play with the possibilities of the medium as well as a nod to the historic development of the characters.  

That said, Palmer would not be in my top 5 folks to ink JB if any such decision were up to me.
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