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John Byrne
Imaginary X-Man

Joined: 11 May 2005
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Posted: 12 December 2019 at 6:50am | IP Logged | 1 post reply

Do you not know Akroyd and Murray were in the reboot? And Ernie Hudson. And Annie Potts. And Sigourney Weaver.


All token cameos playing different characters.

Nevertheless, their presence is an endorsement of the film.


Quite different from the 'passing the torch' GB3 script that Dan and Harold had been shopping around for years.

Well, since it wasn't INTENDED to be a "passing of the torch" story.......

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Michael Roberts
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 20 April 2004
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Posted: 12 December 2019 at 11:36am | IP Logged | 2 post reply

Kate McKinnon's character is my favorite, but I enjoyed all of them and you could tell Chris Hemsworth was having a ball with his role.

I felt that the reboot kind of fell flat, with the exception of Kate McKinnons Jillian Holtzmann. Her character justified the film for me. 
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Brian Floyd
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 07 July 2006
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Posted: 13 December 2019 at 10:46pm | IP Logged | 3 post reply

I liked the 2016 version, and enjoyed the cameos. My only problem was that having the villain turn into the ghost from the Ghostbusters logo was lame. Is it as good as the two original films? Not at all. But its still a decent film.

(And I have the song "Get Ghost" from the soundtrack in my music collection.)
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Matt Reed
Byrne Robotics Security

Joined: 16 April 2004
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Posted: 14 December 2019 at 2:19am | IP Logged | 4 post reply

Is the reboot as good as the original?  No.  Better than the sequel?  Oh yeah.  By an order of magnitude.  I've honestly never felt such disappointment in a sequel to a beloved film as I have with GHOSTBUSTERS 2. TEMPLE OF DOOM comes close, but the action set pieces nudge it a hair above.  
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Matt Hawes
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 16 April 2004
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Posted: 15 December 2019 at 3:31am | IP Logged | 5 post reply

 John Byrne wrote:
...Nevertheless, their presence is an endorsement of the film...

I don't have any strong feelings for r against the 2016 reboot, but I did follow the news about it when it was coming out. As I recall, Bill Murray did not want to take part, but Sony threatened him legally if he did not play ball. I don't know if that was rumor, or ever confirmed, though.

Edit: Just Googled the story... apparently, the Sony-Murray-legal action thing came from the Sony hack a few years ago: LINK.

Edited by Matt Hawes on 15 December 2019 at 3:35am
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Doug Jones
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 16 April 2004
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Posted: 16 December 2019 at 3:26am | IP Logged | 6 post reply


Bill Murray had no interest in this take, and eventually stopped responding to Sony's effort to pitch him. Since he doesn't always filter communications through management in the conventional sense, they did consider briefly using legal means to get him to meet once they had a worthy take on the new film. 

This was never acted upon and (as Sony Legal noted) would have likely torpedoed the project if it were, as one phone call to DEADLINE from Murray would have exposed Sony's strong-arm tactics being used against its revered star. The goal, after all, was to launch a project that Murray would be enthusiastic about and openly willing to support. 

And that is what happened-- without legal machinations. GHOSTBUSTERS (2016) eventually earned Murray's full support and very verbal endorsement:

"I thought about it for a very long time. Like, many, many months. No, that's not right. I was seriously thinking about this for years, really It kept eating at me, and I really respect those girls. And then I started to feel like if I didn't do this movie, maybe somebody would write a bad review or something, thinking there was some sort of disapproval [on my part].

You know, they were incredibly nice to ask me, and I really enjoyed being there. They have such a jolly group, and they are going to have great success with this project. I didn't want to overshadow [them] or anything, and I feel really good about it."

[edited for weird apostrophe typos]

Edited by Doug Jones on 16 December 2019 at 11:37am
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